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I am a web designer and I have always worked in the world of graphics and photography, these skills have allowed me to present myself here on the island as a contact person for those who want to increase the number of customers looking for a holiday home. <br>With our packages we will be able to improve the visibility of your advert through professional photographs, captivating videos and by inserting you into our list of apartments and villas in Menorca.

Professional photographic service


The images are your business card.

It is precisely on the basis of these images that your potential customers decide to book or not, as well as how much they are willing to spend. Therefore, investing in a professional photography service will allow you to have more visits, more bookings and consequently, more profits. In addition to obviously enhancing the rooms, we will also take up the details that give character to your home.

Room setup and decorations


Is your house bare? we take care of everything.

For the success of the photo shoot it is necessary that your guest can imagine himself there when he browses your ad, for this we will take care of setting up the bedroom, positioning the towels, bringing some plants and why not. .we will organize a breakfast or a welcome drink. the environment will be clean and tidy but lived in.

Post-production of images


Post-produced and ready-to-use images.

Isn't it a shame to invest time and money looking for the best materials for your structure and not see them valorised? Remember, images are your business card and your potential customers will decide their spending budget based on them. At the end of the service we will process the images to objectively represent the environment, highlighting its strengths.